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Learn Italian. Speak Italian


▶ Speak Italian with perfect native accent, in no time! ▶ Record your voice and hear what an amazing progress you do day by day. ▶ Tap to listen, tap to record, compare and learn, have fun with it! ▶ Immensely boost your confidence to go out and talk to people ▶ Do it in an Easy and Fun way that skyrockets your knowledge of Italian like you’ve never dreamed before You will find in this application: √ the fastest navigation possible in an Android app √ the most useful real life phrases to get YOU ready for conversations √ professional native speakers √ great voice clarity √ quiz questions to test your knowledge and set records √ really simple and innovative interface with “Fluid” technology
BONUS - your children will discover a new language: • let them play, record and learn • the app will store ALL their recordings • listen to their recordings and see how well they’ve done.
iTalk METHOD - 5 GOLDEN RULES for learning a foreign language:
1. ALWAYS LEARN PHRASES, NOT INDIVIDUAL WORDS: ▶ Meaning: Phrases are easier to remember, because they have meaning, they paint a picture, they tell a story. ▶ Speed: When you learn phrases instead of a word, you're learning how to use that word correctly, and it’s much faster. When we're children, we learn with phrases, groups of words, not just one word by one word by one word. Word by word is slow. ▶ Pronunciation: In real life some groups of words are said as though it were a single word, in one breath-group, without pausing. If you stop to take a breath in the middle of the phrase, you are not saying it correctly, and you risk being misunderstood.
2. LEARN WITH YOUR EARS AND WITH YOUR EYES ▶ Listen, listen and again listen is the magic key to speaking excellent Italian ▶ Listen to how the native speaker speaks some words more strongly with different loudness, speed or pitch. In Italian, these strong words are about new or important information. Without the correct stress on words, Italian listeners may get the wrong meaning. ▶ All our materials are written and spoken so you can hear, see and learn fast
3. USE REAL ITALIAN MATERIALS ▶ This will help you to be immersed as soon as possible in the foreign language environment. ▶ All the recordings you will listen to are made by native professionals.
4. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN VOICE ▶ Self-recording is the best approach for reviewing and eliminating diction and pronunciation and grammar errors from your speech. It develops Self-Awareness, which in turn lends itself to Self-Correction. ▶ Studies have shown that we focus most on voices that are similar to our own, therefore, by listening to your own voice the learning process is greatly accelerated. ▶ You can record your own voice, compare it with the native recordings and exercise until you speak with perfect accent
5. WORK WITH A MODEL ▶ Pronunciation deteriorates easily, so the longer you go without checking yours against a native, the more likely you are to revert to your mother language speech habits. ▶ Check your pronunciation often until good speech habits are firmly established in the new language.
Use this application to achieve all these and more while having fun with it!